Digi Containers


Digi Remote Manager enables deployment of custom applications via containers

  • Portability: A containerized application holds everything it needs to run and can be deployed in private and public clouds to easily move workloads among environments and providers.
  • Scalability: Containers can scale horizontally to expand capacity/throughput as needed. By running only what you need when you need it, you can decrease costs significantly.
  • Security: By design, containers and the host system are inherently isolated from one another, so if one is compromised, others won’t be affected.
  • Speed: Autonomy from the operating system results in greater control, with the ability to start or stop a containerized application in seconds, achieve faster development and operational speed, and deliver a smoother user experience.
  • Efficiency: Since a separate operating system isn’t required, containers require fewer resources than virtual machines to run several containers on a single server, and less hardware means lower costs and fewer points of failure.

Digi Containers simplify and centralize the process of building, deploying and running custom applications on devices managed with Digi Remote Manager® (Digi RM) as the central portal.

Containers with custom programs or Python applications can be loaded via Digi RM on any device running the Digi Accelerated Linux operating system (DAL OS).


digi-containers-features-circle-diagram-a6.jpgAs an add-on service to Digi Remote Manager, Digi Containers are a powerful capability implemented via Lightweight Linux Containers (LXC).

LXC tools enable developers to package up a custom application, with its dependencies and configuration, into a lightweight, portable bundle that shares only the running kernel with the host device.


Using Digi RM to manage containers leverages our proven cloud-based platform that offers a single point of command to securely monitor, control and update programs running on connected Digi routers.

What’s more, developers aren’t limited to x86-based products: Digi offers dozens of DAL OS-based devices that can run Digi Containers.

Digi Containers plus Digi Remote Manager

Optimize and extend the capabilities of your Digi connectivity solution in several use cases.


Container-based applications

Digi Containers offer a cloud-centric architecture that enables users to build, deploy and run container-based applications. Added to a Digi Remote Manager license, a Digi Containers license enables companies to orchestrate and manage a complex series of containers in various structures and configurations across enterprise, industrial, transportation and other use cases.

Secure end-to-end environment

Implementing via Lightweight Linux Containers provides users of DAL OS-based Digi routers a secure environment to develop, distribute, and run custom programs or Python applications.

Built-in capabilities with DAL OS

With DAL OS embedded in Digi devices, developers can leverage an extensive set of software features and capabilities built into firmware that is signed, vetted, and distributed as part of our Digi TrustFence®-approved standards.

To run applications not already in the distributed firmware, the most streamlined and standardized option is to create a virtual space through Lightweight Linux Containers (LXC).

Features and Benefits of Digi Containers

  Deployment Management Monitoring Alerting Visualization
Digi Containers Easily add custom or third-party applications to a Digi device Update apps as part of device configuration/firmware Control when and how apps are run Proactive actions to keep your critical business running Insights into your critical business logic
Add containers en-masse to devices via Digi RM Included in Digi RM Configuration Manager Monitor Digi RM metrics and API datastreams Digi RM alerts for specified conditions and security threats Digi RM dashboard summaries


Digi Containers Key Markets, Applications and Tools

  Custom Applications Third-Party Tools
Applications for Digi Containers Custom application setup, deployment, ongoing firmware updates and management App store marketplace
Transportation infrastructure Infrastructure OEM
Key Markets Oil and gas, buses and trains Managed service solution providers

Digi Containers are available as a subscription added to Digi Remote Manager Premier.

Introducing Digi Containers

Managing the increasing complexity of IoT applications just got easier. Meet Digi Containers, a value-added service available as an add-on to a Digi Remote Manager® license. The Digi Containers service puts you in control, and helps you simplify your operations.

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Edge Computing

Leverage the power of edge computing to control your network performance using Digi RM to load and manage Python scripts on your Digi devices. Quickly and easily integrate Digi RM with third-party cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, AWS and the Google Cloud Platform. Digi RM can act as facilitator between edge devices such as cellular radios, gateways and routers and many different third-party services. It can then simplify the ability to get your data where you want it to go. Add edge intelligence. Reduce latency and enhance your network efficiency.


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