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Robust serial connections for today's critical infrastructure.

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Digi Serial Connectivity
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A connection tool for every job

Expand network connectivity and functionality of critical infrastructure. Digi's next generation serial port servers support GB ethernet and IPv6 networks in the harshest conditions.

Ways to Connect
Digi Serial Connectivity Solutions

You Need Fast, Simple, and Secure? We've Got This.

Connect with Ease

Connect with Ease

Digi serial port servers feature intelligent product defaults and structured interfaces for a 'click to connect' set up.

Connect Securely

Connect Securely

Digi protects against security threats with encrypted connections, centralized authentication, VPN support, and scalable security updates.

Connect with Confidence

Connect with Confidence

Digi's 'click to connect' serial connection solution is backed by the support of experts that take the time to understand your application and goals.

Simplify Your Serial Connectivity Solution

Digi Connect® EZ Serial Port Servers

The safe, simple, and secure
modernization solution

Securely streamline critical infrastructure with Digi Connect EZ. Connect to automation robotics control, centralized device management, data acquisition, point-of-sale equipment, and more.

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Digi Connect® EZ—Connect, Configure, and Optimize

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Achieve Secure Serial Communication

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Terminal Servers Terminal Servers 8 - 32 port serial over ethernet
Device Servers Device Servers 1 - 8 port serial over ethernet
Extended Safety/IEC 60601 Extended Safety / IEC 60601 IEC 60601 terminal servers
Industrial/Hardened Industrial / Hardened Hardened, rugged serial servers for industrial applications
USB-to-Serial USB-to-Serial Easy out-of-the-box solution for I/O expansion