Digi WAN Bonding


Resilient connectivity and maximum performance across multiple connections

  • Hot failover: Digi’s bonded tunnel interface stays up across all WAN links with no packet loss or failover wait time
  • WAN aggregation: Combines multiple WAN links for increased speed and bandwidth for one or multiple devices, up to a maximum bandwidth of 1 Gbps
  • WAN smoothing: Reduces latency and jitter by sending data through multiple channels simultaneously to eliminate packet loss and maintain connection resiliency
  • WAN prioritization: Automatically senses or manually sets the best active WAN link and balances traffic accordingly
  • Packet duplication: Ensures delivery of mission-critical data by replicating packets on multiple WAN links
  • Simple integration: Digi WAN Bonding is easy to deploy on a range of Digi enterprise (EX), industrial (IX) and transportation (TX) routers in a variety of public and private environments at fixed or mobile locations via Digi Remote Manager
  • Increased throughput: Digi WAN Bonding offers 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps and 1 Gbps max throughput subscription options

Digi WAN Bonding combines multiple connections into a seamless and resilient connectivity solution that ensures optimal performance and maximum uptime anywhere around the world.

Digi devices provide a range of connectivity options including cellular failover with features such as Digi Surelink®, policy-based routing and interface bonding. These features are excellent at preventing any external network failures from causing downtime.

digi-wan-bonding-diagramWhen one or many cellular connections are used across a network, they are vulnerable to the disruptions inherent to wireless communication. Digi WAN Bonding provides a valuable addition beyond failover by aggregating multiple connections to maximize speed and throughput, reduce latency and seamlessly optimize performance. This service provides continuous, intelligent optimization even in moving vehicles.

Digi WAN Bonding combines multiple cellular and wired connections to deliver the lowest latency of the bonded interfaces, along with resilient and seamless handover, and a throughput representative of the combined interfaces.

Remote management and security

As a valuable add-on service to Digi Remote Manager® (Digi RM), Digi WAN Bonding can be easily integrated from a central portal to enhance connectivity across the network. Using Digi RM to manage devices and network connectivity leverages our proven cloud-based platform through a single point of command. Digi RM's monitoring and management features make it easy to view and control your devices from any location.

Digi WAN Bonding with Digi Remote Manager

Developed with a technology partner, Bondix Intelligence, Digi WAN Bonding integrates Bondix S.A.NE software to optimize and extend the capabilities of your Digi connectivity solution.Digi WAN Bonding intelligent connection management diagram

Cellular resiliency for vehicles

Uptime in vehicles, such as buses and trains, is a major priority for many use cases. Setting up multiple cellular connections with failover through Digi Surelink helps ensure uptime if one connection goes down; however, as the vehicle moves, connections can gradually degrade in quality.

With Digi WAN Bonding, multiple connections are intelligently balanced based on quality metrics such as packet loss and latency. Then as one connection degrades it is only used when the most effective connection has been saturated.

Faster Internet bandwidth

Digi WAN Bonding combines symmetric wired connectivity on a WAN with asymmetric cellular connectivity via a wireless WAN (WWAN) to enable greater total throughput in excess of either single connection while maintaining low latency characteristics even under load.

This helps reduce the load on either connection and significantly reduce the impact of intensive transfers on other users of the network.

Built-in capabilities with DAL OS

With DAL OS embedded in Digi devices, an extensive set of software features and capabilities are built into firmware that is signed, vetted, and distributed as part of our Digi TrustFence®-approved standards.

When a client enables the WAN Bonding feature in Digi Remote Manager and configures their Digi devices to combine their WAN and WWAN interfaces, the default route for any traffic is through the WAN Bonding application.

This application then negotiates a tunnel with a virtual private server (VPS). This can be managed by the customer, by Digi Professional Services or by a Digi partner, and begins sending data to the VPS to be recombined and sent onwards.

Any replies are sent via the VPS, fragmented appropriately, and sent to whichever interface the device identifies as the most performant and is not saturated.

If a device sends a packet via the WWAN connection and proceeds to lose signal before a reply is possible, the VPS will send the reply through the connected WAN interface.

Features and Benefits of Digi WAN Bonding

  Hot Failover WAN Aggregation WAN Smoothing WAN Prioritization Packet Duplication
Digi WAN Bonding Bonded tunnel interface stays up across all WAN links Combines multiple WAN links Reduces latency and jitter Automatically senses or manually sets the best active WAN link Replicates packets on multiple WAN links
No packet loss or failover wait time Increases speed and bandwidth for one or multiple devices Eliminates packet loss and maintains connection resiliency Digi RM alerts for specified conditions and security threats Ensures delivery of mission-critical data


Market Fit

  Custom Applications Benefits
Use cases for Digi WAN Bonding Resilient and critical connectivity Optimized speed and throughput with reduced latency
Public and private WAN prioritization Hot failover and packet duplication
Offices, retail, industrial, energy, buses and trains WAN smoothing, aggregation and prioritization

Digi WAN Bonding is available as a subscription added to Digi Remote Manager Premier.

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Digi WAN Bonding
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