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Deploy remote monitoring solutions that provide actionable insights and alerts to protect your business. From commercial kitchens to hospitals, restaurants, and fleets, SmartSense solutions supports your monitoring and compliance requirements.

The Insights Platform for Proactive Enterprises

SmartSense leverages wire-free sensors and powerful analytics to drive operational excellence and improve efficiency and compliance, maintain quality control, and respond to issues quickly – before risk to public health or loss of product inventory.

SmartSense offers enterprise IoT solutions for food safety, facilities monitoring, pharmaceutical safety, and supply chain visibility. Each solution is built to provide the flexibility and control you need to ensure brand standards, protect your customers, and eliminate inventory loss.

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IoT Cybersecurity Ensures Safe Data, Safe Products, & Safe Patients

IoT cybersecurity has been proven to keep patient and product data safe. Unfortunately, cybersecurity technologies in healthcare organizations have historically been underfunded. Yet given a recent FBI report addressing cybersecurity vulnerabilities in medical devices, as well as a 9.4% increase in the cost of the average healthcare data breach, security concerns for IT leaders within healthcare organizations are at an all-time high.

At bottom line, patient safety is directly tied to the security of their personal data and the product data about the medicines and vaccines they receive. With their considerable responsibility to protect this data, CIOs and CISOs must consider new strategies to implement IoT cybersecurity within their hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare operations.

In this post, we examine several key issues to consider when implementing a cybersecurity strategy:

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